The establishment of the MIT Sloan School of Management as a private scientific and educational institution is the result of the needs of the economy in the country by modern managers prepared to face the economic challenges of the 21st century.

School of Management at MIT University Skopje Faculty who nurture traditional, modern and advanced forms of education. Modern conditions dictate the pace of decision making based on full perception of the resource information. The proper definition of management, the concept of management function and its modern presentation initiate a business process by business function covers activities necessary for anticipating, identifying and meeting the demand of educated, educated and specialized in modern conditions.

MIT University and Faculty of Management with its guidance provides compatibility between academic and practical, between knowledge and skill components that are necessary for a modern manager. Our strategic goal is to achieve a high level of education for all those interested in the process to accept and profiles of the professional staff who will offer new values in the business environment. School of Management is conceived for convenient transfer of knowledge, allowing a synthesis between practical and academic. Our students are highly valued and highly competitive as professionals in all areas of business.

School of Management offers a variety of programs and content spanning across multiple modules: business management module security and financial control, financial management, health management, public administration and local government.

Management skills are in continuous process of demand. The integration process of specific scientific disciplines faculty raise high educational, and professional level. We offer knowledge for managers who are at the beginning of their career and for those who prefer to accomplish. Our intention is to complete
education students in the area of management with the acquisition and integration of fundamental values.

Fully adhere to the basic task that is placed before every manager: application of knowledge to specific situations in order to effectively manage the company.