The Faculty of Security Sciences and its two modules is a relatively new and prosperous faculty within the higher education institution of MIT University, and offers study programs in security and criminology.

In accordance with the declared policy of MIT University Skopje, the Faculty of Security Sciences follows the determination to implement modern and flexible study programs in line with national and international security, through security theories and security studies, critical studies in security, theories of peace and conflict, criminology, criminalistics and forensics and prevention of money laundering, terrorism financing and organized crime, and actively integrates them into the surroundings and establishes relations with society’s demands.

Modern trends and demands enable us with practical analysis of the actual state of affairs in line with current modernization of security structures and their practical application as a result of the development of theoretical determination and definition of risks and threats to the Republic of Macedonia, as well as establishing an appropriate model of early warning, risk evaluation and dealing with risks and threats to security in all areas concerned.

Graduate students in security, with specific domains of: security and criminology are qualified to work in administration on a national and local level, control of security sectors, in carrying out the process of decision making and creating security policies and detecting financial crime, as well as crime prevention and security risks and threats on a national and on a local level.

Every teaching unit at the Faculty of Security Sciences is accompanied by additional materials and project work in order to put continuous efforts into preparing the expertise of our students, the pillars of Macedonian society and beyond.

We assure you that this will be the best decision you have ever made.