Тhe establishment of MIT Faculty of Economics as a private scientific and educational institution is the result of the needs of the economy in the Republic of Macedonia for modern managers prepared to face the economic challenges of the 21st century.

The Faculty of Economics at MIT University fosters traditional, modern and advanced forms of education. Today’s state of affairs set the pace of decision making based upon comprehensive perception of information resources. Precise definition of management, the concept of management, its function and modern presentation initiates a business process the business function of which is to encompass necessary activities for anticipating, identifying and meeting the demands for staff which is educated according to the latest trends.

MIT University, Skopje, the Faculty of Economics, with all its departments offers mobility between the academic and the practical, between knowledge and skills. These are necessary components for every modern manager. Our strategic goal is to reach a high level of education for everyone interested in this process, so that they can accept producing staff that will offer new business values. The Faculty of Economics has a concept of practical transfer of knowledge, thus joining the practical with the academic. Our students are highly appreciated and competitive as professionals in all business areas.

The Faculty of Economics offers various programs in several modules: management, marketing, finances, banking and insurance, accountancy and audit. Managerial skills are constantly in demand. The integrative process of specific scientific areas places the Faculty at a high educational and professional level. We offer knowledge for both managers who are at the beginning of their career and those who intend to achieve that. We aim to fully educate our students in the area of economics so as to be able to acquire and integrate fundamental values.

The Faculty also includes publishing of textbooks, professional and scientific literature, as well as organisation of research and specialized seminars which also include the students.